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    PG / Coliving Spaces in Perungudi For Boys & Girls at Auburn by Staylogy Perungudi, Chennai

    High-end co-living villas with multiple rooms

    Starts from ₹ 21450

    Occupancy filling fast

    Starts from ₹ 15450

    Occupancy filling fast

    Deluxe 3-Sharing
    Starts from ₹ 13450

    Occupancy filling fast

    Starts from ₹ 13450

    Occupancy filling fast

    Starts from ₹ 12450

    Occupancy filling fast

    A variety of rooms to

    suit your taste

    Single ₹ 21450
    Inclusive of :

    Only 5 Rooms Left

    2-Sharing ₹ 15450
    Inclusive of :

    Only 4 Rooms Left

    Deluxe 3-Sharing ₹ 13450
    Inclusive of :

    Only 3 Rooms Left

    3-Sharing ₹ 13450
    Inclusive of :

    Only 3 Rooms Left

    4-Sharing ₹ 12450
    Inclusive of :

    Only 2 Rooms Left

    Top-Notch Amenities &

    Services At Your Disposal

    Access Control
    Air Conditioner
    Dinner Table
    High Speed Net
    Open garden
    Parking Space
    Power Back up
    Walking Area

    Life at Staylogy

    Staylogy Video Title

    Hey, you! We know it’s exciting to live in a villa, it’s also daunting to share your space with new faces. However, co-living doesn’t mean you need to be joined at the hip and do everything together at all times. At Staylogy, we make nothing mandatory and we believe in giving you your space and pace to do things. However, in case you wish to know what a regular day at Staylogy looks like, here’s a quick sneak peek. 

    Lifestyle 1

    Morning Routine
    Rise and shine, friends. There’s no set rule about what time you must wake up. There are no alarm clocks you need to snooze. But you know what they say- you snooze you lose! So if you want to soak in some early morning Vitamin D and take a quick stroll around your new neighbourhood, we suggest you wake up and head out straight for a morning walk/ run around the community. 

    Lifestyle 2

    We have plenty of cosy and inspiring workspaces at Staylogy. So pick your corner, grab you tea or coffee and get working!

    Lifestyle 3

    Afternoon-Evening Routine
    The best part about staying and working out of Staylogy is that you can always make time for meals. So cook up a storm in the kitchen by yourself or with your co-livers and enjoy a hearty lunch. The kitchen is fully equipped and Google is full on recipes!

    Lifestyle 4

    Spend your day working, reading or napping…basically, this is your home and you decide to spend your time the way you like. If you’re a freelancer or are employed somewhere, we suggest you get ahead of your deadlines and shut your machines just around sunset. This way, you could get your evening beverage and head to the terrace for a quick break!


    There’s no harm in adding some more skills to your resume. Skillshares and masterminds are a great way to harness the power of our diverse community and take your personal and professional growth to the next level. If you work from home, then take an online class or pick the brains of your co-livers to teach you something new. If you head out to work, then we bet you will enjoy the walk back to your villa! 



    Time to unwind. Head out for dinner or cook yourself a meal, this is usually your time to relax and take it easy. So play some games, read a book or simple settle down for some Netflix & Chill time. Like we always say, you make your own schedules at Staylogy so feel free to indulge in some “me time” and gear up for the next day! 

    Location Benefits

    • 200 Meters From RMZ Millenia
    • 300 Meters From Global info city Park
    • 1.8 KM From Asendas IT Park
    • 2 KM From Tidel Park
    • 2.2 KM From Ramannujam IT Park


    Over PG

    • Far more cost effective than hostels & PG accommodations as the rentals are affordable and the spaces are luxurious.

    • Co-living brings together multiple cohorts of people in a shared space that still offers privacy.

    • You’re not bound to stay here for long durations (unless you wish to).

    • Suited for those who move cities often for work, are freelancers and not bound by any location.

    • A host of amenities and services give it a hotel-like vibe, while still making it a home.

    • Co-living spaces also offer health and wellness activities along with entertainment in the form of events and get-togethers.

    • You get a premium, luxurious lifestyle without breaking the bank.

    • Quick and easy bookings and check-outs make the process swift and likeable.

    • Safe space for women.

    Save more

    With Staylogy

    Save more with staylogy
    Room Type Pricing
      Villas Co-Living
    Single ₹50,000 ₹21450
    2-Sharing ₹25,000 ₹15450
    Deluxe 3-Sharing ₹18,000 ₹13450
    3-Sharing ₹18,000 ₹13450
    4-Sharing ₹14,000 ₹12450

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