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Privacy Policy

    1. It shall be the responsibility of the Sub Lessee to keep the management informed about any guests who are staying at StayAbode. An additional charge of Rs. 500 per night per guest shall be levied on the Sub Lessee for admitting a guest without receiving prior approval from the management.
    2. If Sub Lessee invites guest to the accommodation, the Sub Lessee shall indemnify the Sub Lessor for any of the consequences of such stay in the Premises.
    3. Day visits are restricted only till 8 PM for all guests.
    4. Overnight stay must be informed to the manager within 8 PM.
    5. The Sub Lessee is fully responsible for the actions of their guests.
    6. The guest should not disturb other residents during their stay in Staylogy.
      1. The tenant shall be responsible for his/her belongings in the Scheduled Premise and neither Staylogy nor it’s vendors shall not be held liable/ responsible for the same.
      2. For general maintenance and/or showing the scheduled premises to any prospective tenants, Staylogy shall keep an extra key of the scheduled premises. It is hereby advised to all the tenants to keep their valuables locked inside the cupboards and not to leave them unattended.
      1. In the case of theft/loss and damage of any furnishing or appliance or furniture in the house, all the tenants staying at the scheduled premises at that point of time shall be held responsible.
      2. A reasonable sum shall be deducted from security deposit of tenants towards compensation of the loss/ theft and damage or an amount as mentioned in cancellation & refund policy. In case the recovery amount exceeds the security deposit, the tenants shall be liable to pay the amount.
      3. For general maintenance & showing houses to other tenants, Staylogy’s employees or its affiliate agents may keep a copy of the keys of your house. We advise you to keep your valuables locked inside the cupboards & never leave them unattended in open places.
      4. We shall not be responsible for any theft or accidental damage to your valuables in case of an untoward incident.
      1. Tenant needs to pay two months of rent as security deposit.
      2. Tenant is required to pay a part of the security deposit, referred as the token deposit, at the time of booking.
      3. The security deposit paid is mentioned in the rental agreement.
      4. Security / token deposit can be paid either by online.
      5. In the case where a tenant chooses to make an internal transfer or upgrade his/her current booking type, the difference in the amount of security deposit will be expected to be paid by the tenant before him/her making the actual transfer. In case the new rent is lower, the difference in security deposit is adjusted against the following month’s rent.
        1. If Tenant cancels before sub-lease start date, the token deposit will not be refunded.
        2. If Staylogy cancels before sub-lease start date, the token deposit will be entirely refunded.
      1. The security deposit shall be refunded, after deduction if any as per Staylogy’s policies, within 15 bank working days from the day of move-out.
      2. In case, the sub-lease is terminated by the Sub-Lessee within the lock-in period, the Sub-Lessor shall be entitled to deduct one month’s rent which shall be deducted from the security deposit at the time of moving out. Hereinafter referred to as “Contract termination charges”.
      3. If the Sub-Lessee terminates the sub-lease during the lock-in period/ after the expiry of the lock-in period without prior intimation of one month to the Sub-Lessor, rent of one month shall be levied on the Sub- Lessee which shall be deducted from the deposit at the time of moving out. Hereinafter referred to as “Notice Period charges”.
      4. In case, the sub-lessee terminates the sub-lease within the lock-in period and without one month’s notice to the Sub-Lessor, both the Contract termination and notice period charges shall be levied on the Sub- Lessee as a penalty and the same shall be recovered from the security deposit.
      5. Any unpaid rent, utility payments will be deducted from the security deposit.
      6. A charge (as per the contract) will be deducted towards property maintenance charges on opting to move out. This is a fixed charge which every tenant bears upon his/her exit.
      7. Tenant has to pay for damages, on actuals, in case there’s some damage to the property or it’s belongings.
      1. All refund shall be processed via online transfer.
      1. If the booking is made online, it shall take up to 15 bank working days to process the refund.
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