What Are The Don’ts At Staylogy?

Every house has rules. And while Staylogy homes are designed to give you all the basic amenities at your disposal, here’s what you need to keep in mind during your stay here: At all times you must avoid:

  1. Abusive or foul language.
  2. Harassment in any form to anybody present within the premises.
  3. Fight/quarrel with the other occupants of the building/instigating the other occupants to fight.
  4. Smoking and use of alcohol except in designated areas.
  5. Possession of drugs, explosives & weapons.
  6. Conducting any kind of illegal business.
  7. Alterations to the premises, any electrical damages or furnishings. 

Please note: You shall not cause any damage to the premises or building. In case of any such damages caused, you will be liable to pay the cost of repairs/replacement due to such damage. If you fail to pay the cost, the same will be deducted from the deposit and the balance cost of the repairs will be claimed from you.